Top 5 Things to Explore and Experience in Fascinating Montenegro

Breathtaking nature

Without exaggeration, Montenegro has unparalleled beauty and one can expect something extraordinary around every corner. Its nature is untouched, unspoiled, and wild. It is home to many different plant and animal species, making Montenegro one of the richest countries in relation to biodiversity. Epic panoramas and dramatic landscapes in contrast to calm valleys, lakes and sandy beaches can only mean that you need to be prepared and expect the unexpected. Beautiful landscapes replace each other while moving through the country so quickly, not letting you digest that amount of beauty for such a short period of time.

Affordable destination

Montenegro offers a great ration between price and quality. Compared to some other popular European destinations, such as Italy or Spain and even attractive neighbor Croatia, it is more affordable but not less worth your attention. Forbs, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Vogue are just some of the magazines that recently wrote about Montenegro as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Even though the strategic decision of the country is focusing on high-end tourism, in this period Montenegro’s offer can still meet everyone’s pocket.

All in one

Don’t be deceived by the size of Montenegro, since it has a surprising lot to offer. You are an admirer of small old coastal towns, beautiful sandy beaches, sunsets in the Bay, romantic Mediterranean alleys, and the taste of the fresh local seafood? Or would you rather explore high mountains like the Prokletije national park with picturesque villages, river canyon Nevidio, or a Skadar lake boat tour? We have it all and more of that – we have it in such a small distance that you can experience both sea and mountains in one single day.

Local people are real treasure

People in Montenegro are authentic and friendly. One travel writer in the 19th century wrote: „Woman is sacred in Montenegro, and so is a traveler “. This means that people treat foreigners with respect so they can always feel safe and right at home while staying. Especially if one has the privilege to be invited to a Montenegrin home for lunch, one can be convinced in far and away famous Montenegrin hospitality.

Rebellious history The history of Montenegro is very long and turbulent and something local people are proud of. Montenegro’s history is a history of wars. People and armies were always coming and going, trying to grab at least a part of this paradise. Local people always bravely resisted numerous invaders and even their enumeration would make your head dizzy. But always the most interesting part is related to its recent history and the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia whose part Montenegro was till the beginning of the 1990-es.

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